Friday, July 17, 2009

Backyard adventures

I just finished working a full, full day at work. And then I come home to begin doing all my real estate work - countless telephone calls, emails, appointments, etc. I actually got caught up on what I had to get done - doesn't happen often. I was sitting on my deck, enjoying a glass of wine, and the sun. The sun! My God - we've had rain every day for over a month. It was actually quite warm, but I was lazy. I kept looking at the pool. It was all sparkly and blue - and clean! I grabbed the thermometer out of the pool - it had actually warmed up to 78 degrees. Couldn't be more perfect.

I took a glance around my yard, and to the house on either side of me. I have a relatively private backyard - tons of trees. One house definitely can't see me - there is a fence between us. The house on the other side had been vacant for years, but now has a family living in it (a family that unfortunately likes to visit with me often). Anyways, it seemed that they were all still at work. I was too lazy to run upstairs and try and find a swimsuit in the mess of my closet. I figured, "What the hell; panties and a bra are just like a bathing suit." So, I shed my capri's and jumped in.

Oh, it was soooo refreshing. It is amazing how that water cools you off, and relaxes you instantly. I floated around for a while, just enjoying the sun on my face, and birds chirping.

And then I started to hear some noises. Coming from next door. They were home. And they were outside in their yard. Crap. Not a problem, I thought. I can get out of the pool quickly and scoot into the house.

Um. Except the ladder hadn't been put in the pool yet. Oh yeah. That was *fun*.


Christy said...

Too funny! Man you are lucky to have a pool in your own backyard!!!

That one girl said...

Hee hee. Yeah, did you get some 'pushups' done? Getting out of the water, falling back in, trying to get yourself out of the water, falling a back in, all without a ladder. We called those 'pushups'.

mzbehavin said...

I have no upper body strength.... I'd have had to drown!!! you must be in fairly good shape to have gotten out!!

msprimadonna67 said...

That's hilarious!