Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally. Progress. I have learned a couple of things over these past few weeks.

#1 Lesson learned

Getting something done feels *much* better than procrastinating about it. I finally paid all of our bills. Only two months behind on the mortgage. Caught up on everything else. I think I may sleep tonight.

#2 Lesson learned

Ignoring the pile of bills in my bag will NOT make them go away. I thought that if maybe I carried them around with me everyday, that would be as good as actually taking taking of them. Ummm, nope, it isn't.

Phone call received from (crabby) 18 year old daughter (while I am at work - in a meeting, no less) -

Crabby - "Mom. The stove isn't working. And I am hungry. "
Me - "Well, Crabby, what would you like me to do about it? I'm at work. Make something else."
Crabby - "I don't want something else. I want hash browns. Why can't I light it with a match?"
Me - "Because, Crabby, I don't want you to blow up. Wait until I get home." (this is said very, very slowly and patiently).
Crabby - "Fine." Hangs up phone.

One hour later. Phone rings - I'm still in meeting. Crabby again on the line.

Crabby - "I know why the stove isn't working." (said very pissily - if that is a word)
Me - "Why?" (with a sinking feeling in my stomach)
Crabby - "Because our gas was shut off!!!!!"
Me - "Fuck."

Oh yeah, folks. That was so much *fun*.

#3 Lesson learned

The mailbox does not have to be my enemy. I ignore my mailbox. I hate to open it. There is nothing in there but stuff that I shove into my brown bag and carry around with me - it is a literal monkey on my back.

However, today, I took a stand. I am not going to let this fucking mailbox run my life. And I am going to empty out my brown bag and only put things that I like in it. And I will deal with the shit I don't like. So, I emptied the mailbox. And yes, all of the crap bills were in there - but I dealt with them. But there was more than just bills in there.

There was a check for $62 for Crabby in there (refund on security deposit on her dorm room); a check for the Boy who lives in the Room above the Garage - $19 from the Federal Government; AND - drum roll please . . . .

A letter for me. I was awarded a $1000 scholarship towards my tuition for the Fall semester.

Thank you, God. I really needed that this week.


Christy said...

Congratulations! That's really great - soooo happy for you. It will all work out; it has to, right?!

Vodka Mom said...

life CAN be good.

mzbehavin said...

stopping by to tell you I left you a little something on my blog...

and to say where are you??? ( I know... the real life thing....)