Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby steps

I am taking your advice - I am breaking down all of the baloney that I need to get done into some tiny, tiny baby steps!

1. Clean out purse of about 101 receipts. Stuff into a big envelope. Shove under desk at work.
2. Update Quicken file on-line. Cry when I see the balance in the account.
3. Pull loan modification out of my bag and stack it up nice and neat on my desk.
4. Stare at it for 10 minutes.
5. Go outside and smoke a cigarette.
6. Make conversation with the custodians.
7. Put loan modification paperwork back into my bag and go home for the day.
8. Arrive home; pour a healthy glass of merlot.
9. Listen to eldest bitch about she has so much to do, and not enough time to get it done in (note: I was home at lunch until 1pm, and she was still in bed).
10. Check all of my email accounts for the millionth time today. Respond to anything. (wishing that I had more joke email in my account so I could forward it)
11. Hunt down the thermometer to take son's temp - swine flu around these parts. Temp is normal. No swine flu.
12. Go into bathroom to find a clip to get my hair out of my face. How can I possibly work with my hair all in my face???
13. Look for TV clicker. Decide I'd be able to work better if Law and Order is on in the background. Can't find effing clicker.
14. Go out on deck for another butt. Take call from lien holder's attorney. Bat options back and forth.
15. Stare at bag on floor next to me (with the loan paperwork and ALL of our bills). Wish it would spontaneously combust.
16. Hit spell check on post, and see that it does not like the word "combust". WTF? That's a real word, isn't it??
17. Realize I still haven't found the effing clicker. Yell to non-swine flu son and ask him to get me the clicker from my bedroom.
18. Listen to daughter sigh. It's a hard life. Housework sucks.
19. Pull flashdrive out of bag and get Quicken updated on laptop. Cry when I see the balance. Was hoping that it would somehow change on my ride home from work.
20. Write a post instead of pulling that DAMN paperwork out of my bag.

See, folks - baby steps! It works!
(just kidding - I'm going to work on it now. Damn. I need another glass of wine).


For Myself said...

Where DO the clickers go?
Anyway, no swine flu is good news, and so is the fact that you consolidated all your receipts. As for combust? It's real. It's what my brain does from time to time. Spell check is ignant.

Vodka Mom said...

well, at least you are THINKING about getting something done.

That's a step in the right direction, right?

oh hell, pass the merlot.