Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I know that all of the other bloggers out there will say - "Never apologize for not writing." I can't help it - I have to apologize - I am sorry for not being around. I have missed all of you, and I've missed writing. Venting is good for my sanity.

I just haven't been able to pull together enough energy to write anything decent (and by the sounds of it already, this post proves it!).

So - what have I been doing for the past month????

The house that I was working so hard to get closed (the one that I had to paint the interior of for the buyers) - didn't close. Title issues. Will most likely never close. Will be going to foreclosure. One year of my time. No commission. And I had hired three contractors to do the necessary work so that it would close - they won't get paid either. That was FUN.

The school that I work at and do the scheduling for? Yeah - I had to do THREE master schedules. That was FUN.

But - it wasn't all bad. My brother did move up here from Florida, and it is like a gust of fresh air in the house. My kids are happy that he is here as well (especially when he fixed everything wrong with Crabby's car - for under $20).

I DID finally complete a master schedule for the school I work at.

Crabby got financial aid from the government. Granted, it will have to be paid back, but now that I'm not getting that nice commission, it sure came in the nick of time!

I got a full financial aid package (again, will need to be paid back) so that I can complete my senior year for my BSBA. I start on Monday - FIVE COURSES EACH SEMESTER. Egads.

I went to an open house for graduate school - actually - LAW SCHOOL. Call me crazy, but I'm considering it....

I went to the beach twice. That was NICE.

And finally, my "friend"'s cat had kittens - three of them. And they are adorable. They are four weeks old now, and just starting to explore. And yes, I am probably going to take one (hopefully not two!) when they are ready to leave the mom in October. So - that will make a household of me, two kids, my brother, two dogs, two cats, and a TON of fur balls - as I will not be vacuuming again for the next year with my work and school schedule!

Maybe I can knit up the fur?


Christy said...

Good for you - sounds like a great productive month (minus the non-closing house - ugh!). Good luck with your classes - you can do this and will feel so damn proud with that degree in hand!

me in the pink said...

Thanks Christy! It was a pretty productive month. I am thrilled that I am *this* close to finishing my degree.